Belize Property Management Specialists

Minimize your costs and maximize your income. Let us take care of day-to-day operations while you focus on more important matters.

Continuous Communication

Our Team of highly-trained staff will keep you updated with all activities regarding your property including vacancies, property tenancy, maintenance, and inspections.


Extensive Marketing & Advertising

We know that for each day your property is vacant, that’s money out of your pocket. So, our experienced marketers will work tirelessly to fill your vacant property faster! Your property is advertised via high traffic rental and classified media outlets. Our professional and experienced agents will respond promptly to inquiries and advise prospective tenants on every detail regarding your property.


Thorough Screening & Selection

Every tenant application is meticulously evaluated based on employment verification, residency and rental history, among other factors.


Full-Service Leasing

Our agents will manage the entire process with the approved tenant and will ensure that all other agreements are accurately executed. During this process, the tenant will be provided a walk-through to document property conditions and will also receive important information regarding the preservation of your property’s value. At this point, we will collect all rent due at signing, deposits, and any other relevant fees in accordance with local legal and financial regulations.


Timely Collections

Rent is collected every month and deposited into your account in a timely manner. Every tenant is treated with respect and fairness because we believe that a positive relationship with a tenant will lead to timely rent payments as well as better care for your property.


Frequent Inspections

Our team will conduct professional move-in, periodic, and move-out inspections of your property, both inside and out. Our inspector will then provide documentation with supporting photographs from these inspections to assist in determining required maintenance and repairs to maintain your property’s value and avoid more costly repairs if left unattended.


Reasonable and Reliable Maintenance

Our network of contractors, vendors and in-house staff will handle all property maintenance and repair work required. Our system of maintenance will save you time and money and ensure repairs are done in a professional manner, by trustworthy service personnel.


Strict and Compliant Evictions

Even with careful placement there is occasionally a tenant who needs to be evicted. Our team is knowledgeable in local landlord and tenant laws. If a tenant breaches the terms of the agreement, our team initiates the legal steps necessary to minimize your costs and to get the property leased again in the fastest possible timeframe.


Full-Service Accounting

Our team will keep track of all income and expenses related to your property. Our all-inclusive accounting and reporting system, backed with itemized statements and tax documentation, keeps all your property management financial information organized in one place.