Transparent BPO Building

Mile 4 Phillip Goldson Highway

Consisting of approximately 32,000 sq. ft., this beautiful 4-storey commercial structure is located on Mile 4 of the Phillip Goldson Highway; a top commercial location in Belize City. Built in August of 2019, this beautiful and modern structure is occupied by the Transparent BPO Ltd – and accommodating over 600 employees. Boasting modern architecture, ample spacing, and all amenities that every high traffic business requires, the Transparent BPO building is the perfect premises for all companies. KMY Property Management Ltd assisted with the construction management of the Transparent BPO Building and facilitates the everyday maintenance operations. Forming a friendly and stable relationship with all tenants, the KMY team and the Transparent BPO team work hand in hand in the upkeep of all amenities and facilities.

Transparent BPO
Transperent BPO Building